Pakistani Rupee Future

Pakistani Rupee Future


Explore the Pakistani Rupee Future as we delve into its current performance, projections, and the elements shaping its trajectory. Stay knowledgeable about the PKRUSD alternate fee and find out precious insights for strategic decision-making.

The Pakistani Rupee US Dollar change rate, buying and selling at 0.00349345 on Friday, November 17th, has witnessed a superb enlarge of 0.52 percent. In this complete article, we will analyze the current trends, forecast future developments, and supply key insights into the dynamics influencing the Pakistani Rupee’s future.

Current Scenario

The PKRUSD has proven resilience, experiencing a 3.52 percentage reap over the ultimate 4 weeks. However, a 22.45 percent dip in the previous 12 months raises questions about its long-term stability.

Price Movements

Delving into the nuances of rate fluctuations, we will dissect the latest expand of 0.00001821 and its implications for traders and traders.

A Year in Review

Examining the 22.45 percentage reduce over the final 12 months, we discover the elements contributing to this decline and what it potential for stakeholders.

Pakistani Rupee Future
Pakistani Rupee Future

Quarter-End Projections

As we strategy the cease of the present day quarter, projections with the aid of Trading Economics international macro fashions expect a PKRUSD fee of 0.00339048, shedding mild on plausible shifts in the foreign money dynamics.

One-Year Forecast

Looking ahead, the one-year forecast suggests a similarly decrease, with a projected price of 0.00314843. We’ll discover the elements using this prediction and its implications for investors.

Trading Economics

Drawing from Trading Economics world macro models, we discover the methodologies in the back of their projections and explore how analysts’ expectations align with these forecasts.

Pakistani Rupee Future

Factors Influencing Exchange Rates

Understanding the multitude of elements influencing forex values, we shed mild on financial indicators, geopolitical events, and international tendencies impacting the PKRUSD change rate.

Decoding the Predictions

Delving deeper into the international macro models, we supply insights into how these complicated algorithms generate forecasts and their reliability in predicting foreign money fluctuations.



In conclusion, the Pakistani Rupee Future gives a dynamic landscape, formed with the aid of current traits and future projections. Investors and fans alike need to remain informed, thinking about each temporary features and long-term forecasts for well-informed decision-making.

Crosses Price Day %Day %Year Date
PKRJPY 0.52262 -0.00113 -0.22% -17.23% Nov/17
PKRCNY 0.0253024 0.0001232 0.49% -21.40% Nov/17
PKRCHF 0.00310037 0.00001262 0.41% -27.66% Nov/17
PKRCAD 0.00479941 0.00001921 0.40% -20.05% Nov/17
PKRMXN 0.06013 0.00027 0.46% -31.22% Nov/17
PKRINR 0.28919 0.00005 0.02% -21.19% Nov/16
PKRBRL 0.0169164 0.0000175 0.10% -30.44% Nov/16
PKRRUB 0.31050 -0.00039 -0.13% 15.34% Nov/16
PKRKRW 4.48935 -0.04511 -0.99% -25.42% Nov/16
PKRIDR 54.0052 0.0272 0.05% -23.13% Nov/16
PKRARS 1.22832 0.00278 0.23% 67.90% Nov/16
PKRAUD 0.00538747 0.00001616 0.30% -20.09% Nov/17
PKRCZK 0.07828 -0.00005 -0.06% -25.76% Nov/16
PKRDKK 0.0238725 -0.0000266 -0.11% -25.92% Nov/16
PKREUR 0.00321918 0.00001619 0.51% -25.96% Nov/17
PKRGBP 0.00281903 0.00001777 0.63% -25.76% Nov/17
PKRHUF 1.20548 0.00003 0.002% -32.02% Nov/16
PKRNZD 0.00584697 0.00002678 0.46% -20.48% Nov/17
PKRUSD 0.00349345 0.00001821 0.52% -22.45% Nov/17


Will the PKRUSD proceed to upward push in the brief term?

Yes, the cutting-edge tendencies endorse a tremendous trajectory in the quick term, as evidenced by using the current 0.52 percentage increase.

What elements contributed to the 22.45 percentage decline in the ultimate 12 months?

Several factors, together with financial challenges and world market dynamics, performed a function in the widespread decline.

How dependable are Trading Economics’ projections?

Trading Economics employs strong models, incorporating quite a number financial indicators, making their projections a precious device for investors.

Can geopolitical activities have an impact on the future of PKRUSD?

Absolutely, geopolitical occasions have a sizable affect on foreign money values, and monitoring these is fundamental for predicting future trends.

Should traders be involved about the one-year forecast of 0.00314843?

Investors must cautiously think about the forecast, however it is vital to consider that projections are problem to exchange based totally on evolving market conditions.

Is the current 3.52 percentage acquire indicative of a sustained recovery?

While positive, it is integral to reflect onconsideration on a range of elements influencing temporary gains, and warning is advised.