NADRA B-Form New fee

In the ever-evolving panorama of administrative requirements, the Pakistani authorities has underscored the importance of Child Registration Certificates (CRC) or NADRA B-Form. These documents, aimed at men and women below the age of 18, have turn out to be a prerequisite for having access to key services. However, as we navigate into November 2023, the manner of acquiring a B-form has witnessed super adjustments in contrast to previous years.

Background of B-form:

The B-form, delivered for people under 18, is issued from the region of origin. Over the years, the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has been approved to streamline and facilitate the acquisition of Child Registration Certificates.

NADRA Form B Fee:

When it comes to acquiring a B-form, it is crucial to be conscious of the related fees. The everyday utility rate stands at Rs 50, catering to the customary public. However, for these in search of an expedited process, the government rate quantities to Rs 500.

Applying for B-Form in 2023:

To kickstart the procedure in 2023, folks are counseled to go to the nearest NADRA Registration Center (NRC). Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Obtain a token for your application.
  • Complete the quintessential documentation, which includes photos and fingerprints.
  • NADRA operators will enter your required facts and grant you with a printed form.
  • Submit the structure to the worried NRC after attestation by using a gazetted officer.
  • If either father or mother is reachable in the course of the application, their biometrics can be captured, negating the want for attestation.

B-form Delivery Time:

Anticipating the eagerness of applicants, NADRA commits to a swift processing time. Normally, it takes 5 working days for the B-form to be geared up for collection.


Changes in the B-form Process:

Comparing the cutting-edge procedure with preceding years, the utility steps have been streamlined for efficiency. The purpose is to simplify the procedure, making sure a smoother ride for applicants.

Importance of NADRA Form B:

Beyond being a bureaucratic requirement, the B-form holds prison importance for humans beneath 18. It serves as the gateway to gaining access to fundamental offerings and benefits.

Challenges in the B-form Process:

While the manner has been optimized, candidates can also come upon challenges. It’s fundamental to be conscious of plausible hurdles and be outfitted with options for a seamless experience.

NADRA’s Role and Responsibilities:

NADRA performs a pivotal function in making sure the protection and effectivity of the B-form process. As the custodian of essential information, the authority shoulders the duty of safeguarding character records and expediting the software process.

NADRA Form B Fee

The normal fee for applying for the CRC new is Rs50 while the NADRA costs Rs500 for executive category.

Normal Fee Executive Fee
Rs 50 Rs500



Can I practice for a B-form online?

As of now, the utility procedure requires a bodily go to to a NADRA Registration Center.

Is the B-form solely for Pakistani citizens?

Yes, the B-form is unique to men and women underneath 18 who are Pakistani citizens.

What archives are required for B-form application?

Proof of childbirth from the union council and the National Identity Card (NIC)/National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) of the dad and mom are essential.

Can any person else publish the structure on my behalf?

Yes, with appropriate authorization and documentation, a consultant can put up the form.

What if my B-form is misplaced or damaged?

In case of loss or damage, you can follow for a replica B-form through following the prescribed procedure.


In conclusion, the NADRA B-form stays a necessary file for people beneath 18 in Pakistan. The modifications added in November 2023 purpose to decorate the software process, emphasizing the significance of well timed and correct submissions. As we navigate these administrative waters, staying knowledgeable and organized ensures a seamless journey for each candidates and the authorities.