How to Download E-Driving License

How to Download E-Driving License on Mobile Phones:

How to Download E-Driving License on Mobile Phones in Faisalabad and Sahiwal
The Punjab Traffic Police has delivered an online provider for downloading digital using licenses (E-DLs) in Faisalabad and Sahiwal. This handy provider lets drivers get the right of entry to their riding licenses anytime, anywhere, besides having to lift the bodily card.

To download your E-DL on your cellular phone, observe these easy steps:

Visit the Punjab Traffic Police website:
Navigate to the authentic Punjab Traffic Police internet site at

Enter your CNIC quantity and date of birth:
In the special fields, enter your entire 13-digit CNIC variety and your date of delivery in the structure DD-MM-YYYY (e.g., 01-01-1990 for January 1, 1990).

Click on the “Download E-License” button:
Once you’ve got entered your CNIC variety and date of beginning correctly, click on on the “Download E-License” button.

Save the E-DL file:
The E-DL file, in PDF format, will be downloaded to your cell phone. Save the file to a tightly closed place on your device.

Open the E-DL file:
Locate the downloaded E-DL file and open it with the use of an appropriate PDF reader application.

Print or share the E-DL (optional):
You can print the E-DL file for bodily reference or share it electronically with others if necessary.

How to Download E-Driving License
How to Download E-Driving License

Benefits of Using E-Driving License:

Convenience: E-DLs are comfortably handy on your cellular phone, doing away with the want to elevate the bodily card.

Reduced Risk of Loss: With E-DLs, you no longer have to fear about dropping or detrimental your bodily using license.

Ease of Sharing: E-DLs can be without difficulty shared electronically with regulation enforcement officers or others who require proof of your using license.

Environmentally Friendly: E-DLs minimize the want for paper and printing, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Authenticity and Verification: E-DLs are tamper-proof and can be confirmed by the use of the impenetrable QR code furnished on the document.

Real-Time Updates: E-DLs mirror any adjustments or updates made to your riding license record.


E-DLs additionally make a contribution to lowering site visitor congestion and enhancing visitor administration through streamlining report verification processes.

By adopting E-DLs, drivers in Faisalabad and Sahiwal can revel in a greater convenient, secure, and environmentally pleasant way to get admission to their riding license information.