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I’m unable to come across a government-sponsored social welfare scheme in Pakistan known as “Benazir Bichat Scheme” as of December 25, 2023. However, I can furnish records on applicable and lively schemes beneath the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP)

BISP Latest New Update:

Aslam Alaikum viewers, you know that 2024 is the new year and in this new year you will see many changes in the Benazir Income Support Program. Those who were not part of the program used to be registered under the aid program but they would have become ineligible. And yes along with this there is another thing that all such people who are not eligible for this program will be disqualified from this program only eligible people will remain in this program then a screening survey for that. is being started through which only eligible people will be saved in this program and all others will be disqualified. Messages from 8171 have also been received by those who have been part of this program for a long time. In these messages it is stated that Bro, get the survey done again, otherwise you will be ineligible after 2024, i.e. after 31st December 2024, you will stop getting money, but these surveyors have also been given one more month’s grace now, from 31st December 2024. Earlier, they had to do the survey again, now they will be able to do their survey before January 31, so for those who have received messages from 8171, it has only become mandatory for them to do their survey as soon as possible and after doing the survey, it is enough. All people will be newly disqualified and some will be saved

Grate News BISP
Grate News BISP

Grate News BISP 8500 Qist Start:

People who are already receiving money, are they still entitled to this program or have their financial conditions improved, taking into account all these conditions, they will be given a new PMT score again. And their eligibility will also be determined again. Well, the telling thing is that those who get the survey will still be qualified in this program, meaning their money will not be withheld and those who are If they do not complete their survey even after this, they will never be included in this program again. If their subsequent installments are closed, then there is no difficult task to complete the survey. If you have received a message to complete the survey again, then Then you will go to your nearest BIS office with your original ID card of both the husband and wife, children’s bay forms, gas or electricity bill of the house and from there you can get your dynamic survey done. Benazir Educational Scholarships

Grate News BISP
Grate News BISP

Benazir Bichat Scheme:

Similarly, it has been asked to update the child’s bay forms, so they have sent messages to many women from 8171, so they should also update their children’s bay forms as soon as possible, otherwise the money received by their children will also be stopped. In the same way, regarding the children’s money, let us tell you that the children’s allowances were stopped for the last six months, the children’s allowances have started to be credited to the accounts of all the people and gradually the payments have been completed in the accounts of all the people. If it happens then, God willing, you will also start receiving these payments from your nearby payment centers. Now the waiting hours are over because you are starting to receive these payments from January 1, so you have double installments for your children. to be received because two installments from July to September and from October to December have been stopped, so she is going to meet you at the same time. You can double the payments of your Benazir Kafalat program, so there is no special fact in it. Well, the savings scheme has been launched, but you cannot double through it. That is, if you are in the savings scheme. If you apply, after that when your savings account will be opened, you can deposit from five hundred rupees to one thousand rupees monthly and then you will get 40% on the amount you deposit. Additional money will be received and profit will be received. Those who think better can also apply in this scheme, but this scheme is still for specific districts and very soon this scheme will be launched nationwide and The most interesting thing is that women as well as men can apply in this. Further, we have explained the application procedure on our website, so go to the website and see the post about the up savings scheme. At the same time, let us also tell you that the latest installment of Benazir Kafalat program is 8500 rupees and is still ongoing. received, then of course they will have to wait for the next episode, well, that episode is still far away, that means it is going to be released after three months, so there are about two and a half months left and the next episode will be 9. It will consist of Rs

Grate News BISP
Grate News BISP

BISP 8171 Online

BISP 8171 Online Registration:

BISP 8171 Online Registration is a handy way to practice for Benazir Income Support Program (BISP). You can observe by way of imparting fundamental facts together with your identification card number, gross family earnings and eligibility necessities for your area.

BISP 8171 Online Registration Page

For BISP 8171 online registration, you have to comply with the following steps:

Visit the BISP website.

Click on the hyperlink for “Online Registration”.

Enter your ID card number.

Enter your complete family income.

Check the eligibility necessities for your area.

Click “Enter”.

To affirm your application, you will get hold of an affirmation code on your cell phone. By getting into the verification code, your software will be completed.

If you do not have your ID card number, you can observe at the BISP Development Program (DP) workplace of your village or area.