Ehsas Program CNIC

 Ehsas Program CNIC

In our increasingly connected world, technology has revolutionized the way we access government support.. Pakistan’s Ehsas Program, a revolutionary initiative, has introduced an effective way to determine your eligibility for their services.. In this article, we will guide you through the process of verifying your registration in the Ehsas Program CNIC and explain how to request assistance if you meet the criteria..

Ehsas Program Registration by SMS:

Ehsas Program serves as a social safety net, with the primary objective of providing financial assistance to deserving individuals and families in Pakistan.. To benefit from this support, one of the first steps is to confirm your registration using your Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) number.. 

 Ehsas Program CNIC
Ehsas Program CNIC

Ehsas program Registration process:

 Ehsas Program CNIC registration process include these steps:

  • Enter your CNIC number in SMS
  • First, take your mobile phone and compose a text message.. Enter your CNIC number in the message..
  • Send a message to 8171
  • After you compose the message, send it to 8171.. Ehsas will then verify your credentials against its comprehensive database..

Check your eligibility

You will soon receive an SMS whether you are eligible for the Ehsas program or not.. This simple text message can be a game changer in accessing the support you need..

Not in Ehsas Database

In case you find yourself not registered in Ehsas Database, don’t worry.. You will receive instructions to contact your respective county government for further assistance.. The Ehsas Program is committed to helping all those in need..

  • Alternative method of registration
  • If you are required to go to the county government, an alternative method of registration is available.. You can register through the Ehsas web portal, making the process more accessible..

Register for the Web Portal

  • For this workaround, follow these steps:
  • Access the Ehsas Web Portal using the following link:
  • Ehsas Web Portal..
  • Enter the CNIC number and code provided in the image for verification..
  • Click “confirm” to confirm your eligibility and move to the next step..

Provide your details

  • After confirming your eligibility, enter your mobile number and select your mobile service provider.. This information will be important for continued communication..
  • Final confirmation
  • Click “confirm” again and you will be guided through the remaining instructions to register for the Ehsas Emergency Cash program.. Your journey to support is almost complete..


Who is eligible for the Ehsas program??

The Ehsas Program aims to provide financial assistance to deserving individuals and families in Pakistan.. Eligibility criteria may vary, but are generally aimed at low-income households..

What should I do if it is not in the Ehsas database??

If you are not in the Ehsas database, you will be prompted to contact your respective district government for assistance..

 How do I check my eligibility through the web portal??

You can check your eligibility through the Ehsas web portal by entering your CNIC number, verification code and mobile information.. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm..

What is the National Socio-Economic Register (NSER) database??

The NSER database is a comprehensive repository of socioeconomic information used to determine eligibility for government assistance programs..