Ehsaas Humqadam

Ehsaas Humqadam

In the bright tapestry of Pakistan’s various population, a thread runs robust closer to these who navigate existence with disabilities. Their journey, frequently intertwined with special challenges, deserves no longer simply empathy, however tangible assist for their socio-economic wellbeing. It is towards this backdrop that the Ehsaas Humqadam program emerges, a beacon of hope and economic dignity for limitless Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) throughout the country.


Humqadam, translating to “companion” in Urdu, aptly captures the program’s essence. It goals now not simply to supply monetary assistance, however to clearly stroll alongside PWDs, empowering them to overcome hurdles and declare their rightful location in society. Launched in 2019 through the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), Humqadam mainly ambitions underprivileged PWDs, providing them a month-to-month stipend of PKR 2,000. This apparently modest sum is a transformative force, unlocking doorways to elevated company and extended residing standards.

Empowering Through Eligibility

The program’s eligibility hinges on the Poverty Measurement Tool (PMT) score, prioritizing households with rankings beneath 30. This ensures that the most prone section of the PWD neighborhood receives on the spot and positive support. The registration system is designed to be accessible, with preferences for on-line registration through CNIC range thru 8123 SMS or direct software at distinctive centers. This simplifies get right of entry to and gets rid of bureaucratic hurdles, making sure that these who want assist the most can attain it with ease.

Ehsaas Humqadam
Ehsaas Humqadam

Impact on Beneficiaries: 

Once registered, the beneficiaries ride a tangible shift in their lives. The month-to-month stipend, although reputedly small, empowers them to make critical choices. They can get right of entry to higher healthcare, make investments in training for themselves or their children, and buy indispensable assistive devices, enhancing their mobility and independence. For many, Humqadam presents a feel of manipulate and a newfound dignity, replacing dependency with the capacity to take part meaningfully in society.

Societal Impact: 

The influence of Humqadam extends past the man or woman beneficiaries. By injecting economic assets into susceptible households, the software stimulates nearby economies. Small organizations flourish as multiplied buying energy leads to greater demand for items and services. This creates a ripple effect, producing extra employment possibilities and fostering a extra inclusive, economically shiny environment.

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Challenges on the Journey

However, Humqadam’s ride is now not barring challenges. Sustainability stays a key concern, with the program’s future based on persevered authorities funding and environment friendly useful resource allocation. The verification technique desires ongoing assessment to make certain that solely authentic beneficiaries acquire assistance. Additionally, advertising consciousness and combating social stigma in the direction of PWDs is fundamental for the program’s long-term success.


Despite these challenges, Humqadam stands as a testomony to Pakistan’s dedication closer to social justice and inclusion. It has already touched the lives of thousands and thousands of PWDs, supplying them a lifeline of economic safety and hope for a brighter future. By addressing these challenges and constructing upon its successes, Humqadam can pave the way for a greater equitable and empowered society, the place incapacity is no longer a barrier however a special electricity to be celebrated and supported.


As Pakistan marches in the direction of progress, let us have in mind that real improvement and prosperity ought to embody all its citizens, together with these with disabilities. Humqadam is a effective step in this direction, and its persevered success can be a supply of countrywide pride, demonstrating that Pakistan values and empowers each member of its various and bright community.