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BISP, or the Benazir Income Support Programme, is a federal government social safety net program in Pakistan. It was launched in July 2008 and is named after the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto.

BISP is a cash transfer program that provides monthly financial assistance to poor families. The program is targeted at households with low income, high unemployment, and high illiteracy rates.

Bisp New Update 2024:

Assalam Alaikum Viewers are at your service with the latest and new update of Benazir Income Support Program. In the post of Viewers Today, you are provided with the most important information related to the fourth quarter installment of Benazir Income Support Program and education scholarships for children. I will let you know because there is a big news regarding children’s stipends, those who have enrolled their children, read this post carefully, how much and when you are going to get the stipends and also Benazir Income. What will be the procedure for taking installments in 2024 for those who are regular beneficiaries of the support program, when will the credit in the account of payment up start and also all such families who are not receiving assistance from the Benazir Income Support Program in 2023? If possible, how can such people get assistance in 2024 and in addition to this, in this post you will also be informed about the most important information regarding ATMs, because there are a large number of people who repeatedly a. If you are asking about TM, there is a new update in this regard as well, which will be shared with you in today’s post.


Breaking News Bisp
Breaking News Bisp

Ehsaas Taleemi Wazifa 6000:

The biggest news of today is going to be brought to you under the Benazir Income Support Program, the fourth quarter installment is going to start. When will it be released or in addition, when will the fourth quarterly installment start in our account? Viewers, the wait is finally over. are going to meet and the double installment of the children has been issued, apart from the means of education, which is the ornament education program, those who have enrolled their children between sixth to tenth class have also been issued their installment. If you have not received it, then you can receive the installment of children’s education from the nearest Benazir Income Support Program office, that installment is 6000 and in addition all such families who have enrolled their children who Is the resource provided in the education program? Children study in your government schools or private schools. The attendance of your children is 70 percent. Scholarships will be issued to such children. 70 percent attendance is necessary. Many people are like that. There are also children whose stipends were earlier but suddenly stopped. The main reason is that their attendance is not 70 percent, due to which their stipends are stopped.

Breaking News Bisp
Breaking News Bisp

Bisp New Payment 9000 Received By ATM In 2024:

For this, let us clarify that those who have enrolled their children before June, such children will be issued a double installment of June and in addition to the two quarters of September, 6 thousand rupees will be issued and its Apart from that, those who have enrolled in October will be issued only Rs.3000 installments per child per quarter, meaning one quarter. InshAllah, we hope that from next week, your children’s allowances will be deposited in your account, which will be a total of six thousand rupees, and in addition, a large number of people like this. Benazir has not been able to get assistance from Income Support Program in 2023, although he is poor and deserving but he could not get assistance. Visit the Income Support Program office and ensure your registration so that you are eligible for the Benazir Income Support Program and besides, there are a large number of people who are asking for ATMs. Weavers let’s clear up, Inshallah, since February 15th, the government has formally issued a list of 15 banks in which your payment will be transferred and you will be able to receive your payment through the bank account. But the latest installment which is going to be released now, you will get it from the retailer shop and Benazir Income Support Program office.

Breaking News Bisp
Breaking News Bisp

Benazir Income Support Programmed New Payment Check Online:

There are two main ways to check your Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) payment online:

1. Benazir Income Support Portal:

  • This is the official website for BISP beneficiaries
  • Click on “Beneficiary Information System” on the homepage.
  • Enter your National Identity Card Number (NICN) and the code shown in the picture.
  • You will be able to see your account balance, payment history, and other information.

2. 8171 SMS Service:

  • Send an SMS with your NICN to 8171.
  • You will receive a reply message containing your account balance and payment information.

Additional Information:

  • BISP is currently in the process of transitioning to a new payment system that allows beneficiaries to choose receiving their payments through bank accounts. This is still in pilot phase and not available nationwide yet.
  • Be aware of fake websites and scams claiming to offer BISP payment information. Only use the official website or 8171 SMS service for accurate information.

Here are some additional resources that you may find helpful:

  • BISP official website
  • BISP Facebook page
  • BISP Twitter page