BISP SMS New Code Apply

BISP SMS New Code Apply

The BISP SMS New Code Apply is a Pakistani government social safety net program that provides cash transfers to extremely poor women across the country. The program was launched in 2008 and has since provided assistance to over 5.4 million families.

BISP Update:

 post contains some latest updates and this update will benefit people a lot. You know that the conditions that are going on in Pakistan are causing a lot of difficulties in the life of the common man. In such situations, you people are being qualified here and you people are being given money here, you people just have to send a message, you people will get money, how to get money, the procedure is in this post. We will tell you the procedure that will be better for you people. Now we will talk about three types of people who are also being qualified and only after getting the double installment, you will not get money again. The reason is that I will share the reason in this post that why you will not get money because now a new policy of the government is working which was the survey system, it has been completely abolished and now there is no survey. No team will come to your house

Families who Is Eligible:

Now there is a new project again and in the new project you will apply in two ways, one is through a code, that is, you will send a message and you will be eligible and one through the portal or through the office. There are three types of people who have been registered through online registration. First of all, those who have large families, who are going to be treated or have more children in their home and who are educated. are doing and there is no earner within this household, then there are two types of families who are qualified by the government in any case, one is the people having a large family and the other is the family with more children and they have no employment and their age is less than 17-18 years, so this family is also being eligible here. It is going because when you come for survey your house is estimated but those who live on rent etc. are also settled but there are some reasons for this for example your electricity bill It is seen that if you have 300 units of electricity per month, 400 units or more than 200 units, then you are not eligible here and those who purchase the vehicle in whose name the vehicle is purchased. , they are also not eligible here

BISP SMS New Code Apply
BISP SMS New Code Apply

BISP New Code Apply:

Apart from this, the families who are eligible are made eligible and they get money. Now what do you have to do? You guys also have to send message to 8171 by writing shecht card and when you send message you will be given an output in which you will be told that you are eligible or disqualified, this is your dynamic. If you are unable to register in the registry, you will get this three types of message from here and if you are not eligible or you are not registered in the registry in the line, then you will have to go to the office and you will be registered from there if you have also completed the survey. Done dynamic registry and still not eligible then go to Pakistan Citizen Portal and go there and complain then after 15 days you will get a reply and you will be told why you are disqualified. has gone

BISP Dynamic Survey:

The BISP dynamic survey is a new type of survey that is being conducted by the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) to update the National Socio-Economic Registry (NSER). The NSER is a database of information about the socioeconomic status of over 27 million households across Pakistan. It is used by BISP SMS New Code Apply to identify eligible households for its cash transfer program, as well as by other government agencies and organizations to design and implement development programs.

The BISP dynamic survey is different from previous surveys in that it is ongoing and continuous. This means that it will be updated regularly to reflect changes in the socioeconomic conditions of households. This will help to ensure that BISP is able to reach the most vulnerable people in need of assistance.

The BISP dynamic survey is being conducted by trained enumerators who visit households and collect data on their income, assets, and other socioeconomic indicators. The survey is also being conducted using a mobile app, which helps to ensure that the data is collected accurately and efficiently.

The BISP dynamic survey is a landmark initiative that will help to ensure that BISP is able to provide its assistance to the most deserving people in Pakistan. It will also help to improve the accuracy and reliability of the NSER, which is a valuable resource for the government and other organizations.

benefits of the BISP survey:

  • It will help to ensure that BISP is able to reach the most vulnerable people in need of assistance.
  • It will improve the accuracy and reliability of the NSER.
  • It will provide more timely and up-to-date data on the socioeconomic conditions of households in Pakistan.
  • It will help to improve the design and targeting of social safety net programs.
  • It will help to promote evidence-based policy making.

The BISP dynamic survey is currently underway in Pakistan. It is expected to be completed in 2024.

BISP SMS New Code Apply